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            Modern Castings Ltd  quality castings manufacturer.

               We   supply castings on  grey iron, ductile iron, steel and stainless steel   in size up to 60,000 kg . Our company moved to larger facilities it embraced newer technologies. Ductile iron capabilities, electric melting, green sand molding system and reclamation sand system. All enabled to expand its customer base to a multitude of different industries.

              We can provide  variety platen castings sizes up to 60,000 kg. Our castings consistently meet the stringent tensile yield and elongation specifications that are required by the market. Especially for the plastic injection and die castings machinery manufacturing. Our quality castings can  meet the  request for moving and stationary platens, as well as other structural castings. Our foundry expertise and size challenging casting application, including wind power and hydro power cast components We can also  supply our customers with mission- critical components such as wind hubs, bed plates and gearbox housings, along with other complex cast components  .                                                                                                                                                  


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